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When former executive and entrepreneur Don Sheppard awoke the morning after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, he was horrified to learn that Donald Trump had become the 45th president of the United States. Committed to strong business principles and ethics throughout his varied career, Sheppard was concerned about the role model that Trump as a businessperson—and now the most powerful person in the world—presented to corporate America, and to broader society in general.

Part business manifesto and part memoir, The Dividends of Decency shows why and how doing the right thing in business is also doing the right thing for business. Principles and profits are not mutually exclusive; in fact, conducting business in a principled way can significantly improve a company’s profits as well as its relationships with all key stakeholders—employees, customers, suppliers and partners, shareholders and the community at large.

After decades of corporate scandals—including Enron and Lehman Brothers and the other firms who precipitated the Great Recession of 2008–09—the ethical bar for business has fallen to a new low in Trump’s America. 

The Dividends of Decency is a timely reminder of what is truly important in business, and a guide to values-based leadership that will help American business indeed be great again—by being ethical, accountable and sustainable.

The impact of Trump’s warped sense of values extends beyond news items and the efforts of stand-up comedians striving to stay ahead of his outrageous antics. The rest of the world either smiles or shudders at his latest escapade or scandal and thinks, Is this how American businesspeople act? Are these the values of American business and the country’s society in general?

Donald Lee Sheppard’s opinion of Donald Trump may not be unique, but it sharply focused. As someone who chose America as his home and rose from a deeply disadvantaged childhood to an enormously successful career, Sheppard occupies a special position from which to criticize Trump’s business activities.  

In colorful sharply-worded prose, Sheppard brands Trump’s long-term impact on American business as disastrous. He justifies his view with a compelling narrative of his personal struggles to share the American Dream and completes his premise with solid suggestions on how America’s businesspeople at all levels must counter the Trump influence.

More critically, he provides proof that rejecting Trump’s practices and adopting values-driven business practices makes positive impacts on every corporation’s bottom line.

Amid so much controversy generated by the Trump Presidency, The Dividends Of Decency stands as essential reading for those seeking a bright post-Trump future for the USA.

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