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The Dividends Of Decency:
How Values-Based Leadership will Help Business Flourish in Trump’s America
By Donald Lee Sheppard
with John Lawrence Reynolds

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States ushered in a stream of escapades and scandals, most of them stemming from Trump’s warped sense of values. Following Trump’s long history of involvement in corporate scandals and questionable ethics, it’s no surprise that the American public’s opinion of business people has suffered a steep decline in recent years.

“People who conduct business without principles destroy themselves and do terrible damage to their colleagues, their organizations, and to those of us who emphasize truth and respect in our business dealings,” says former business executive and entrepreneur Donald Lee Sheppard. From modest beginnings, Sheppard quickly rose through the ranks of major international benefits consulting companies before launching his own employee communications firm, Sheppard Associates. In his new book, The Dividends Of Decency: How Values-Based Leadership will Help Business Flourish in Trump’s America [Figure 1 Publishing, April 2018], he underlines the importance of businesses maintaining strong moral values not simply because it is “the right thing to do” but because the practice pays off with better long-term bottom-line performance. He supports his premise with fascinating insights into the struggles he faced in his own business endeavors, presenting a compelling narrative urging readers to counter Trump’s corrupt influence.

Part business manifesto and part memoir, The Dividends of Decency provides readers with solid advice, teaching and showing by example how companies can achieve outstanding success when following established codes of ethics rather than deceit and dishonesty. Neither an ethics guide nor an autobiography, The Dividends of Decency stands as a unique business profile of two decidedly different individuals, their values in distinct contrast with each other. In compelling text spiced with anecdotes and personal experience, Sheppard demonstrates that principles and profits are not mutually exclusive, and that conducting business in a principled manner can significantly improve a company’s profits and elevate its relationship with employees, customers, suppliers and partners, shareholders and the community at large.

“Examples of values-based CEOs who achieved outstanding success for their companies are not just easy to find,” Sheppard notes, “they’re prominent throughout the business media.” Then, with a directness typical of his book’s candor he adds, “If you can’t make it in business by maintaining a reasonable degree of ethics, find something else to do.”

Along with advocating for virtuous practices in the workplace, The Dividends Of Decency offers:

-A comprehensive understanding of why Trump’s business model doesn’t work
-A list of universal ethical quality constituents
-Sheppard’s “Win-Win-Win” strategy as essential to business success
-A pyramid structure illustrating the levels of corporate social responsibility
-A workable definition of integrity for business leaders and entrepreneurs
-Seven concrete steps to creating a meaningful code of ethics in the workplace
-A list of dividends to be earned by promoting diversity in the workplace
-Trends that promise hope for the future of American business

Amid so much controversy generated by the Trump Presidency, The Dividends Of Decency stands as essential reading for those seeking a bright post-Trump future for the United States of America.

Donald Lee Sheppard emerged from humble beginnings in a Northern Ontario mining town to become a leader in employee benefits consulting and communications. During his career he rapidly rose through the ranks of companies such as Manulife, William M. Mercer, and Johnson & Higgins. Later, Sheppard built and sold his own employee communications consulting firm, Sheppard Associates. Currently the CEO of Sheppard Properties, LLC, he is actively involved in a host of charitable ventures. He pedaled coast-to-coast in a cross-country cycling fundraiser and has had a significant positive impact on youth soccer in America, receiving several awards for outstanding community service.

Learn more about Sheppard at, and connect with him on Twitter at @DonSheppard2012, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The Dividends of Decency is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and can be purchased wherever books are sold as of April 14, 2018.



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