John Lawrence Reynolds

THE DAY AFTER the U. S. Presidential election in 2016, I called John Reynolds, who has written more than 30 books and is a multiple winner of Canada’s National Business Book Award and the Arthur Ellis Award, and shared my idea for this book, that I see as my way of being part of the Trump Resistance movement. John turns down many more co-writing opportunities than he accepts but he believed in me, in my idea for the book, and my disdain of Donald Trump, and he accepted the challenge.

What I didn’t foresee was how brilliantly John would articulate my story in my voice, and weave a creative, meaningful, and powerful guide for current and future leaders.  I am so thankful for John Reynolds.

And I am equally grateful for the support of my brilliant and elegant wife and partner, Cayce Malone and our two highly accomplished children, daughter, Morgan, and son, Malone. And I have been overwhelmed by the awesome support of an army of millennial, the current and future leaders of our world that, I believe, will return us to a world led by people who represent values, morals, ethics, and standards of excellence that make us all proud.  Unlike today!

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