“If you can’t make it in business by maintaining a reasonable degree of ethics, find something else to do.”
—Don Sheppard

Donald Lee Sheppard’s THE DIVIDENDS OF DECENCY: How Values-Based Leadership Will Help Business Flourish in Trump’s America embodies both an expression of outrage against the values and policies of Donald Trump and a strategy for elevating the status of American business.

Sheppard’s methods of achieving success are in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s. Sheppard employs a three-part structure—the Win-Win-Win Model for achieving success—that serves as both a touchstone and a guidebook for enabling leaders to recognize and avoid the negative impact of policies and values similar to Trump’s. Readers of all backgrounds will discover that leading ethically, from a position of values, is good for business, is good not only for U.S. Business, but for America’s communities and its citizens.

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